DJ Equipment and Services

Moonbeamers Limited provide Disco and music Services.

Dancer Music

What we can do …

  • We can bring pumping music to your special birthday party
  • Bring the party atmosphere to your wedding
  • We can bring serene music to your garden party
  • We can support your event by filling gaps between acts
  • We can work co-cooperatively with other DJ’s and event organisers
  • Dj Mixer

    The Music …

    Ever been to a party and the dance floor is empty?
    We can play the music that you want at your party or event.
    We have can play pop right through to jazz, rock, classical.
    Talk to our friendly company and we will understand the atmosphere that you want to create at you event.
    Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

    Dancer Music

    The Equipment …

    All our equipment is of the highest quality.
    We use names like Yamaha, Pioneer and Shure.
    We have a 6 kilowatt sound system including 2 massive sub woofers to really pump the bass when needed.

    We can supply lighting bridges, speaker stands and also lightweight truss structures for special cases.

    We can supply effective light systems to bring the dance floor to life.
    The image above shows how effective our light setups can be.