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This fantastic Open Air TV screen is designed specifically for outdoors. This means that it’s ultra bright, it’s super big, it’s water resistant and it gives a fantastic experience for any outdoor screening in daylight or indeed at night. The design is durable, sleek and slim.  It comes complete with a ultra heavy-duty trolley stand which is adjustable in height or trailer mounted depending on the application.

This TV is perfect for outdoor screenings/broadcasts, it can be used for signage, it can be used for large web conferences, in fact this outdoor TV Packs a punch in all situations.

Our Outdoor Television would be fantastic in a pub garden,  a school field or playground for outdoor lessons or treats,  in your home for an all day sports, cinema or gaming party.  It will also make a big impact at your public event! Our outdoor tv hire is great value!

This Huge alfresco TV has superb picture quality, 4k Resolution, Hdr10+, on a high quality 75-in screen,   anti-reflection and a refresh rate of 120 Hz which means  that it excels  with ultra  smooth viewing  of  sports and movies. It’s ip55 weather resistant and it’s protected against the elements including dust and heat with its inbuilt temperature control. The weather is not a concern if you hire outdoor tv screens from us.

Outdoor Screen for Wedding

This screen will add impact, interest and amusement to your wedding or wedding reception. If you need to keep kids or adults amused (or out of the way!) then this is the perfect solution. Screen a film appropriate to the the bride(s) and groom(s), show wedding photographs from your photographer or use our Instagram hashtag system and show pictures that your guests have taken! Maybe a bit of Karaoke if that takes your fancy? This super bright outside tv makes a great centre piece and it can be viewed at any time of day. We can either mount it on a neat stand or trailer mount it. We can also decorate or theme it with different colours or designs. Book now, it’s going to make your wedding day even more memorable!

Garden Outdoor Cinema and Parties

You’re throwing a spring/summer party and you want a wow factor, big screen for your party, to show a film, to show a match, to play music videos or for Karaoke. This is the screen for you! The benefits of this screen is that it can be used anytime of the day, outdoors, in any weather. Traditional projection based garden cinemas can only be used after dark which in summer can be after 9:30pm. If you are looking to start your party earlier; morning, afternoon, early evening, this BIG TV solves the problem! It can be used any time of the day or night. Perfect for kids outdoor cinema, summer parties, for displaying photos and much more! It’s also low latency(lag) which means it is perfect for consoles in Game Mode.

Pubs, Cafes, Outdoor Caterers

Ensure you attract attention by hiring our superb, large open-air screen. 75″ and weather resistant. Screen the football at your outdoor cafe. Screen the Tennis or Rugby World cup. Ensure the customers come to you and maximise the potential of your business. Talk to us and we’ll give you a great deal on single day rentals or longer term.

Superb For Eye Catching Signage

If you intend to use this  in a business environment for Promotional signage then you can couple your mobile phone with Samsung business TV app and transfer anything you like from your phone directly to the TV. Alternatively you could connect your laptop or a media player to display whatever you like either on a loop or with your interaction.

Why can’t I use a normal TV outside?

Safety! This is an IP Rated TV meaning it is weather resistant, It also has temperature control. Putting a normal indoor TV outside has the potential to be very dangerous.

Visibility! Our outdoor screen is nearly 2m wide. It has an anti glare screen and is superbly bright. The average indoor TV puts out around 450 nits (as a measure of brightness), this outdoor TVs puts out 3 to 4 times that amount up to 1500 nits. An indoor TV in daylight, simply does not cut the mustard!

Intelligent adjustment! This screen is capable of adjusting sound volume, brightness and picture settings depending on the environment around it.


If you want to bring an extra dimension to your TV we can supply a wireless headphone system for virtually any number of people. We can also supply large sound systems, generators and deckchairs! We can also supply mics, mixers, and karaoke!

Superb Connectivity

With regard to connectivity you can connect virtually anything.  Hire our Samsung Outdoor Screen  and you will see that it boasts a fantastic array of connection options for both picture and sound.  Already built-in is Dolby Digital plus 2 channel speaker system and of course you can connect separate bluetooth audio speakers to it. We can also supply an additional PA system.  

This Samsung Terrace outside television has 3 HDMI ports 1 USB it has an Ethernet connection a mini Jack audio output a digital optical output it has an input for terrestrial TV satellite TV and cable TV he also has the common user interface slot it has HDMI why a return channel support, eArc,  Bluetooth 4.2 to any net plus and and it also has HDBaseT  input which is a useful and professional way of connecting devices by Cat6/7 cable  up to  100m away (depending on the version of the HD base t transmitter).

Friendly, Reliable, Professional, Experienced

You’ll be glad you’ve hired Moonbeamers Pop up Cinema’s superb Outdoor Screen, You can be sure that every penny you spend with us gets you the best equipment, the best advice and puts you on the road to making an exciting, spectacular and profitable event.

Outdoor Screen Hire Prices Per Day

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Let’s Make it Easy

You book the screen
We deliver, set you up and teach you how to use it.

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High Quality

For more detail on our screens please see our outdoor cinema screens for hire page.

Our large outdoor tv Hire covers these areas
Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk. Other areas considered, please enquire.

From £350
Hire Periods
Single Day (Price from £350) or longer term rentals (Price as little as £49.83 per day based on 30 day rental)
Suitable Applications:
Weddings, Daytime Movies, Sports, Live streams, Video conferences, Signage
Suitable Establishments:
Pubs, Hotels, Schools, Clubs, Events,
Recommended Open Air Cinema Audience:
30 -50 people
Screen Size:
1.91 m. 75″ diag
Screen Type
Outdoor, Waterproof, Top Quality UHD 4K OLED
Sound System
TV Sound as standard, PA Speakers as option
Complete with
Electric Cabling
At least 2 Cinema Staff to set up and pack down
Advice, Support, Help with Licencing, Risk Assessments & Method Statements
We can also help with Hi Vis, Event communication and other event equipment